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You can pick up a copy of the Quilting Basics Lectures at the shop or download one here: Quilting Basics Lecture Series

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Jan 12,  10 am - 12 noon - Terminology: There are lot's of "quilting terms" that you will need to understand in order to follow a pattern. Come take the mystery out of the "words". Teacher: Deb Curtis


Jan 12,  1:30 am - 3:30 pm - Tools: Learn about the essential tools needed to be a success. We will also explore some of the "cool" tools out there on the market. Teacher: Deb Curtis


Feb 2,  10 am - 12 noon - Selecting Fabric:  Do you have a hard time choosing color? We will help you figure out how to make your quilt tops "pop"! Teacher: Deb Curtis


Feb 2,  1:30 am - 3:30 pm - Cutting: There are a few tips and tricks to proper cutting. We will show you how. Teacher: Deb Curtis


Mar 2,  10 am - 12 noon - Piecing & Pressing: Proper piecing is critical.  It's NOT just about 1/4" seams.  How to get everything to fit in it's proper place and line up…..and in quilting we PRESS, not iron. There is a difference! Teacher: Deb Curtis


Mar 2,  1:30 am - 3:30 pm - Working with Bias: Fabric moves! So how do you ensure properly pieced blocks when using bias cuts? Teacher: Deb Curtis


Apr 6,  10 am - 12 noon - Trimming / Squaring up your Quilt /Adding Borders: Trimming blocks and squaring up your quilt top and borders ensure success. Come and learn how to ensure "squareness" as well as the finesse of adding borders. Teacher: Helen Choma


Apr 6, 1:30 am - 3:30 pm - Preparing Your Top For Quilting/Batting:  Learn how to prepare your quilt top for quilting, as well as which type of batting to use. Teacher: Helen Choma


May 4,  10 am - 12 noon - Quilting Your Quilt: There are lot's of choices when it comes to finishing your quilt.  We will explore your "quilting" options.  Teacher: Deb Curtis


May 4,  1:30 am - 3:30 pm - Labeling Your Quilt: Come and learn what to include in your quilt labels. Also, select from several different options when making your own labels. Teacher: Deb Curtis


June 1,  10 am - 12 noon - Binding Your Quilt: Binding is the finishing touch. Learn how to be a success at this last critical step. Teacher: Deb Curtis


June 1,  1:30 am - 3:30 pm - Storing/Cleaning / Hanging Your Quilt: Understanding how to store and clean your quilts ensure that they last a lifetime.  There are lot's of options for hanging, we will explore them all. Teacher: Deb Curtis


July 6,  10 am - 12 noon - Appliqué by Machine: There are lots of machine appliqué techniques. We will review these and show you a few tips and tricks for success. Teacher: Helen Choma


July 6,  1:30 am - 3:30 pm - Appliqué by Hand: Yes, some of us LOVE to do hand work!! Learn to "master" the art of hand appliqué. Teacher: Deb Curtis


Aug 3,  10 am - 2 pm - Design & Layout / Create Your Own Design: If you don't like following directions then create your own.  We will give you pointers to help you design your own masterpiece.

Teacher: Deb Curtis  (one session only—4 hours—$20)


Sept 7,  10 am - 1 pm - Design Tools / EQ7 : So you don’t consider yourself an artist?  You can still create your own designs.  EQ7 is a  computer software that makes it so FUN and EASY!!!

Teacher: Deb Curtis (one session only—4 hours—$20)


Oct 5,  10 am - 12 noon - Foundation & Paper Piecing: What exactly is "foundation piecing" and when do you use it?  What is the difference between foundation and paper piecing?  Tips and tricks for paper

piecing. We will answer your questions in this session. Teacher: Helen Choma


Oct 5,  1:30 am - 3:30 pm - English Piecing: Let us take the mystery out of English paper piecing. So much fun!!  Teacher: Helen Choma


Nov 2,  10 am - 12 noon - Quilt as You Go: If you are not good at free motion quilting, not sure about hand quilting and don't want to take your top to have it long arm quilted; then you may want to explore QAYG. Teacher: Deb Curtis


Nov 2,  1:30 am - 3:30 pm - Organizing & Storing Your Fabric: There are lots of ideas and systems for organizing your sewing room.  We will touch on ideas for storing your fabric stash.



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